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Target Insulin to Trim Belly Fat

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Target Insulin to Trim Belly Fat -

Diets high in refined carbohydrates are contributing a nationwide epidemic of obesity and high body weight. The hormone that sabotages weight loss is insulin. It is easy to test in blood to determine whether an individual has insulin resistance.

Belly fat is a sign of insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome and a fatty liver. When a person’s fat cells become saturated with insulin, caused by intake of too many carbohydrates or simple sugars, the body will simply store excess nutrients obtained from food.

“In my many years of practice, the most common request I get from my clients is help with weight loss,” says Lee Rossano, certified nutritional counselor and founder of Advanced Nutritional Solutions in Lake Orion. “I would recommend testing fasting glucose to compare the numbers and look at your triglycerides. These tests must be fasting.”

A healthy lab test range for fasting glucose is 80–95 mg/dL. A healthy lab value for insulin is less than 8. If insulin is higher than 8, it means the person is storing excess nutrients, which will show up as extra weight around the midsection. If despite restricting calories, weight is not budging, then a low-carb diet and intermittent fasting are strategies to consider in consultation with a healthcare professional.

A good book to help explain these issues is The Obesity Code by Jason Fung, M.D. It will take time and effort to reverse this condition. However, with the right diet, moderate exercise and timed meals, a healthy change is achievable.

For more information, contact Lee Rossano at 248-652-4160, visit or check out her online Natural Directory listing.

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