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Cereset Clarkston Grand Opening, Experience a Cognitive Rebalancing and Reset   
What do memory issues, brain fog, anxiety and even trouble sleeping all have in common? Cereset may be a remedy for all of them, and this wellness technology is now available in...

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Explore, Grow, Heal and Learn at The Embassy of Life Mastery, The Embassy of Life Mastery (ELM) in rural Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, was created in 2019 as a nonprofit center to educate the public on self-growth, sustainability, community building and planetary change. It was cofounded by...

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KnoWEwell and Natural Awakenings Join Families,   
KnoWEwell, P.B.C., the Regenerative Whole Health benefits and services company, acquired Natural Awakenings Publishing Corporation in December, 2022. “This is a transformational moment for...

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A New Chapter, Image: A New Chapter  
Nexus for Consciousness, Healing and Hope  

In 1994, the same year Jeff Bezos founded Amazon and Deepak Chopra laid the first bricks on his path to enlightenment, Sharon Bruckman created Natural Awakenings magazine. Each a visionary. Each ahead of their time. By the late 1990s Americans had...

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Yoga TherapyTools to Benefit Overall Health   
Yoga therapy is a growing profession differentiating itself from contemporary yoga practice by its application in healthcare settings and its empowerment of individual patients. In other words, yoga classes, even if they...

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Healing Sanctuary Within the Embassy of Life Mastery,   
The Embassy of Life Mastery (ELM) has a unique healing sanctuary within its building, which is a reclaimed and revived stone church built in 1890. The sanctuary is a darkened, climate controlled room with comfortable reclining chairs, air purifying systems and...

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Heal from the Inside Out, Image: Healthy Holistic Skin Care 
- We check the mirror daily for healthy, glowing skin and have a daily skin care routine. That routine becomes more complicated when seasons change, our bodies age and new products hit the shelves. Each person’s skin requires a different type of attention and care. The holistic approach...

Veronica Zador International Institute of Yoga Therapyon Yoga Therapy for Heart Health 
- Veronica Zador, certified yoga therapist and experienced registered yoga teacher, established and directs International Institute of Yoga Therapy, Michigan’s first fully accredited yoga therapy program. Zador has more than 30 years of experience in the field, has published...

Memory Health - Edward Shehab and his motherThe science tells us it’s never too early but it can be too late:
Brain Health May be the Key to Warding off Alzheimer's and Dementia
Edward Shehab is on the front lines of the fight against Alzheimer’s and dementia. He’s the managing partner for Memory Health, a company whose product, also called Memory Health, is a patented all-natural brain enhancer developed following...

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