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Cancer-Free Pets Cancer-Free Pets  
Five Ways to Help Keep Them Healthy  

Veterinarians are seeing cancer in more and younger pets these days than ever before. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, approximately one in four dogs will develop cancer at some point in life, including almost...

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Mark Nepo on: Mark Nepo on:  
Living a Wholehearted Life  

Bestselling author, poet, cancer survivor and inspirational spiritual teacher Mark Nepo has published 22 books and made numerous appearances on Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Sunday program. His latest...

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Stressed-Out Teens Stressed-Out Teens  
Ways to Help Them Chill  

Being a teenager is never easy, but it’s even harder these days, with the upheaval of the pandemic intensifying the normal academic, social and hormonal turmoil of these pivotal years. It’s no wonder teens are...

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Wishful Recycling Wishful Recycling  
What Not to Put in the Bin  

F or those that have been putting recyclables in a plastic bag and placing it in a curbside bin, it’s likely going straight into a landfill. That bowling ball, those yard clippings and dirty pizza boxes are...

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Life Force in Motion  

The flowing movement of tai chi mirrors the serenity of water, but still waters run deep. This ancient practice of gentle meditative movement is an offshoot of Chinese martial arts that offers a spectrum of surprising benefits, including...

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Calm Down Calm Down  
Taming the Flames of Stress-Related Illness  

We are beings of neurochemical and hormonal intricacy, and within this mixed bag of biology lies our magic. Our human experience is visceral; we cry from sadness and joy, flush from embarrassment, laugh with amusement and exhibit...

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A Better Breakfast A Better Breakfast  
Healthy Tips and Recipes to Start the Day  

Breakfast sets the stage for the day ahead, and it can either drain or energize us, depending on the what, when and how much aspects of the meal. While health experts agree that many traditional breakfast foods can do more harm than...

Strong and Supple Joints Strong and Supple Joints  
How to Keep Hips and Knees Happy  

Occasional knee or hip pain affects almost everyone, keeping us from daily tasks, making sitting painful and walking difficult. Causes can range from over-exercise to injuries, obesity and arthritis as we age. By the time we...

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Advanced Nutritional Back2SchoolNatural Remedies for ADD/ADHD

Whether kids are physically back in school or doing studies online, in today's environment the lack of a consistent schedule can cause stress that often...


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