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Homemade Pet Playthings, Image: Megan Betteridge/shutterstock.comHomemade Pet Playthings  
Easily Crafted Toys and Treats  

As pet guardians, we know the joy of spoiling our beloved furry and feathered friends with toys, treats and accessories. While such diversions can offer hours of fun and bonding, some...

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Responsible Pet Adoption, Image: hedgehog94/shutterstock.comResponsible Pet Adoption  
Guarantee a Forever Home for a Furry Friend  

The idea of bringing a new pet home conjures up images of endless cuddles and joyful frolicking, but there are crucial responsibilities to consider, too. A successful adoption requires...

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Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, Image: Barna Tanko/AdobeStock.comTraditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine  
Supporting Pets With Ancient Healing Wisdom  

For years, we have seen a growing appreciation in contemporary culture for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the complementary role it can play within Western medicine. Based upon...

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Dog Parenting , Image: otsphoto/AdobeStock.comDog Parenting   
How to Shape Behavior and Strengthen Our Bond  

Although the saying is that dogs are our best friends, canine companions are a lot like kids, too. In the same way that parenting styles impact children’s mental and emotional development, so do pet parenting choices. How we guide and care for our dogs can shape their...

Leaps and Bounds, Image: New AfricaAdobeStock.comLeaps and Bounds  
Keeping Canine Jumpers Injury-Free  

Dogs are natural athletes that leap on and off things multiple times a day, usually without incident. That’s why many people don’t realize that, like humans, dogs can sustain injuries, including...

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Bringing the Bounce Back, Image: New AfricaAdobeStock.comBringing the Bounce Back  
Integrative Treatments for Pets With Mobility Issues   

All pet owners want to see their animals live long, healthy lives filled with activity, but sometimes our furry friends find it difficult to move comfortably due to aging, injuries and other ailments. While vets often suggest...

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Outdoor Safety for Pets, Image: Svetlana123/ShutterStock.comOutdoor Safety for Pets  
Helpful Tips to Navigate Hazards  

With nicer spring weather, pets will likely spend more time outside. Whether lounging in the backyard, taking a walk around the neighborhood or venturing out to...

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Natural Remedies for Pets, Image: chandlervid85/AdobeStock.comNatural Remedies for Pets  
Seven Non-Toxic Treatments for Common Ailments  

Natural remedies and healing therapies are not just for humans, they also help pets overcome illness and maintain optimal health. Used properly, plants, herbs, essential oils and other...

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Whole Foods for Dogs and Cats, Image: dezy/Shutterstock.comWhole Foods for Dogs and Cats  
Human-Grade Meals for Our Furry Best Friends  

As guardians of our beloved pets, choosing the best food for them can be a daunting task, with so many options online and in grocery stores, as well as conflicting advice about what is healthiest. For thousands of years, pets were fed...

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Hidden Dangers in Pet Food , Image: Monika Wisniewska/Shutterstock.comHidden Dangers in Pet Food   
The Scary Truth About Toxic Ingredients  

Among the many reasons to switch from ultra-processed diets to fresh food for our furry family members, unwanted toxins are high on the list. Because pet food manufacturers are...

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