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Baby Bites, Image: alice/AdobeStock.comBaby Bites  
Healthy Homemade Food for Tiny Tummies  

For the first year of a baby’s life, breast milk and formula are the main sources of nutrition, but as early as 4 to 6 months, a little one may be suited to try solid foods. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, when a baby consistently holds their head up, has started to...

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Curbing Cancer in Cats, Image: iz phil/Unsplash.comCurbing Cancer in Cats  
Ways to Keep a Feline Healthy  

The absence of one back leg isn’t slowing down 13-year-old Cougar the cat. In fact, she is doing better than before, as that limb once had a painful tumor. Alyssa Baker Herbst, co-founder of the Autumn Farm Sanctuary, in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, was told that, even with...

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Three Steps for Facing Difficult Emotions, Image: julie/AdobeStock.comThree Steps for Facing Difficult Emotions  

All of us can feel the impact of these uncertain and challenging times on our hearts and in our nervous systems. While there are parts of the situation that we cannot control, that does not mean we are powerless. When we’re up against...

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Natural Mama, Image: wavebreakmediamicro/AdobeStock.comNatural Mama  
Holistic Approaches to a Healthy Pregnancy  

During her first pregnancy, Sarah Wallace, a former registered nurse in Atlanta, was chronically anemic. “I was so tired I would fall asleep while I was eating dinner,” she says. That pregnancy resulted in a baby with a...

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Devaki Lindsey Berkson on:, Image: Devaki Lindsey Berkson on:  
Bioidentical Hormones for Long-Term Health  

Hormone scholar Dr. Devaki Lindsey Berkson, a nutrition and gut expert as well as a continuing education professor for medical doctors and pharmacists, frequently lectures at conferences to clarify misinformation about hormones, such as the...

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Eco-Cosmetics, Image: gizele/AdobeStock.comEco-Cosmetics  
Choosing Sustainable Beauty Products  

Beauty is a $49 billion industry in the U.S. That’s a lot of plastic lipstick cases and shampoo tubes buried in landfills and breaking down into microplastics that leach poisonous chemicals into the world’s oceans and our drinking water. As consumers...

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Homeopathy to the Rescue, Image: behewa/AdobeStock.comHomeopathy to the Rescue  
Create a Family First-Aid Kit   

The 200-year-old health system of homeopathy is based on natural sources and is unique in its “like cures like” philosophy that uses extremely diluted substances to trigger the body’s natural defenses...

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Stay Fit with Bodywork Therapy, Image: minervastudio/AdobeStock.comStay Fit with Bodywork Therapy  
Enhance Workout Performance and Recovery with Massage  

Therapeutic massage and other bodywork modalities are well-known stress-busters, but they can also hasten recovery after a workout or injury. A little restorative TLC with a bodywork practitioner before or after exercise can combat post-workout...

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Integrative Women’s Wellness, Image: anna shvets/Pexels.comIntegrative Women’s Wellness  
Five Top Health Concerns and What to Do  

Anyone walking into a U.S. hospital today will notice something that was inconceivable 50 years ago—one in three practicing physicians is a woman, and among physicians under age 35, it’s three in five. That compares to one in 14 in 1970. For women needing health care, that fact can...

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Avoid Coffee When Pregnant, Image: molostock/AdobeStock.comSafeguard Brain Development 
- A mother’s coffee drinking during pregnancy can change important pathways in an infant’s developing brain, raising the risk of behavioral issues, attention difficulty and...

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