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Converting Food to Energy, Image: Ronman/AdobeStock.comConverting Food to Energy  
Learning How Metabolism Works   

Metabolism is the process by which the foods and drinks we consume are converted into energy. We may not notice the cellular mechanisms that transform fat and glucose into the oomph in our step, but when they start to wane, we definitely know...

Keeping Eyes Sharp, Image: auremarAdobeStock.comKeeping Eyes Sharp  
A Holistic Approach to Vision Health  

As the windows to the world, our eyes are sensory organs that work overtime. They allow us to take in light, see what is before us and send information for the brain to process. While regular eye exams are...

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Dr. Mark Hyman, Image: Photo by Masha MaltsavaDr. Mark Hyman  
on Living Healthy to 100 and Beyond  

Mark Hyman is a practicing family physician and an internationally recognized leader, bestselling author, speaker, educator and advocate in the field of functional medicine. He is the...

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Straighten Up and Feel Right, Image: N F/peopleimages.com/AdobeStock.comStraighten Up and Feel Right  
Tips for Good Posture and a Healthy Spine  

Standing up straight is not just something our parents remind us to do, it also happens to be good for our health. Posture describes the position of the body in space, but the realities of how we stand and move in day-to-day life are...

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Barefoot Blessings, Image: CottonPro/Pexels.comBarefoot Blessings  
Basking in the Soul of Summer  

Summer is a splashy reward after winter wears out its welcome. Spring barely has time to shake blossoms from her hair before we plunge headfirst into summer plans: vacations, barbecues and home improvement. As birds and humans go...

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Leaps and Bounds, Image: New AfricaAdobeStock.comLeaps and Bounds  
Keeping Canine Jumpers Injury-Free  

Dogs are natural athletes that leap on and off things multiple times a day, usually without incident. That’s why many people don’t realize that, like humans, dogs can sustain injuries, including...

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Greener Grilling, Image: RossHelen/ShutterStock.comGreener Grilling  

The aroma of tasty treats sizzling on an outdoor grill evokes memories of laughter among family and friends, picnic tables brimming with colorful foods and the joy of running barefoot in the grass. This year...

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Socially Conscious Investing, Image: Canva.comSocially Conscious Investing  
How to Choose Sustainable Stocks and Mutual Funds  

“Vote with your pocketbook,” the saying goes, prompting consumers to buy parkas from planet-friendly Patagonia or socks by Bombas, which donates a pair to...

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Conscious Fatherhood, Image: Photo courtesy of  Chris SmithConscious Fatherhood  
Building a Better Family  

Some dads believe they need to work long hours so that they can purchase better things and go on fancier vacations, but research shows that, outside of escaping poverty, money doesn’t buy happiness. Even for...

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Unsung Heros, Image: Ruslan Huzau/ShutterStock.comHerbs and Spices Promote Gut Health 
- A 2022 research study published in The Journal of Nutrition suggests that herbs and spices may be unsung heroes in the quest for gut health. The three-period, randomized, controlled-feeding study involved...

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