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Preventing Type 2 Diabetes Preventing Type 2 Diabetes  
Natural Lifestyle Choices to Curb the Disease  

Six decades ago, only one American in 100 had diabetes. Today, it’s almost one in 10, including rising numbers of youth and one in four people older than 65. More than 90 percent of the cases are Type 2, once known as adult-onset diabetes, which is linked to...

Calm Down Calm Down  
Taming the Flames of Stress-Related Illness  

We are beings of neurochemical and hormonal intricacy, and within this mixed bag of biology lies our magic. Our human experience is visceral; we cry from sadness and joy, flush from embarrassment, laugh with amusement and exhibit...

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Strong and Supple Joints Strong and Supple Joints  
How to Keep Hips and Knees Happy  

Occasional knee or hip pain affects almost everyone, keeping us from daily tasks, making sitting painful and walking difficult. Causes can range from over-exercise to injuries, obesity and arthritis as we age. By the time we...

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Natural Antivirals Natural Antivirals  
Help in Staying Strong and Healthy  

In these sobering times, we must use every weapon in our arsenal against invasive viruses, including often-overlooked natural remedies with antiviral properties. As is also the case with...

Emotional Well-Being in the Pandemic Age Emotional Well-Being in the Pandemic Age  
Self-Care Strategies for Tough Times  

As the pandemic ravages our country, we are engulfed by a sea of challenging emotions, including fear, loss, anger, disappointment and grief. Compounding the suffering, past emotional traumas and pent-up...

Tips for a Healthy Microbiome

An ever-growing body of research from the Human Microbiome Project shows how microbes living in and on our bodies...

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A Home That Heals A Home That Heals
Creating a Nurturing Space

Home, whether a humble studio apartment or a dream house, is a critical facet of well-being, a spiritual headquarters from which good health springs. Everyone in the family, including two- and four-legged children, can...

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Dr. David W. Regiani Dr. David W. Regiani
on Treating Sleep Disordered Breathing with Holistic Dentistry

David W. Regiani, BS, DDS, has been involved in learning about and treating sleep disordered breathing and bite disturbances since 1993. His first classes were in February of that year, through the American Equilibration Society, and he is still ...

CBD’s New Frontier CBD’s New Frontier
Help for Mental Health

When Kaye Herbert’s husband brought home a free sample of cannabidiol (CBD) oil, she didn’t hesitate to give it a try. Having heard about its calming effects, she...

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The Lifeblood of Heart Health

When people think about heart health, what generally comes to mind is the fist-sized muscle that pumps and oxygenates the body’s lifeblood. However, the heart of the matter is not the pump itself...


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