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The Digestion, Stress and Energy Connection, Image: The Digestion, Stress and Energy Connection  
How Emotional, Visceral and Structural Stress Short-Circuits Your Body's Digestive Healing Power  

One of the most frequent questions I am asked in my practice is, “How did I get this digestive problem?” Whether the patients I work with experience Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, chronic constipation or GERD, the origin...

Staying Serene in Turbulent times, Image: miniartkur/AdobeStock.comStaying Serene in Turbulent times  
How to Turn Anxiety into Positive Action  

In this day and age, we have good reason to toss and turn in our beds at night. As our nation faces fears of climate catastrophes, acrid politics, stubborn inflation, unpredictable virus variants and hot-button issues like...

Growing Younger, Image: contrastwerkstatt/AdobeStock.comGrowing Younger  
Longevity Strategies that Help Reverse the Aging Process   

Longevity, a human quest through the ages, is now a hot topic among scientific researchers that assert there has never been a better time to maximize our potential for metabolic renewal. Biological age—the state of our health at the cellular level—is in the spotlight, as are the anti-aging benefits of ...

Your Built-In Boost to Longevity, Image: Your Built-In Boost to Longevity  
Yoga, Breathing and the Relaxation Response  

Negative and prolonged effects of stress and anxiety can be associated with age-related disorders and diseases, ultimately proving detrimental to health and longevity. During...

Heading Off Headaches, Image: Pixel-Shot/AdobeStock.comHeading Off Headaches  
Natural Strategies Help Halt the Pain  

Headaches are one of the most common pain conditions in the world. According to the Cleveland Clinic, up to 75 percent of adults have had a headache in the past year. While symptoms vary in scope and intensity, understanding the...

Soothing Scents, Image: spline_x/AdobeStock.comSoothing Scents  
Top Eight Essential Oils for Anxiety Relief  

Essential oils are highly concentrated compounds extracted from aromatic plants that are used in aromatherapy for a variety of conditions. These fragrant oils have been incorporated into wellness practices for thousands of years, and decades of research confirm...

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That Natural Glow, Image: denis_vermenko/AdobeStock.comThat Natural Glow  
Radiant Skin with Fewer Health Risks  

For basic hygiene and improved appearance, we wash, slather, hydrate, scrub and cover up, often forgetting that our skin is our largest organ and much of what we expose it to can be absorbed and accumulated in the body over time. If we are using products with...

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healing ways

Trauma Treatment Options

Trauma Treatment Options, prostock-studio/AdobeStock.com

Dozens of approaches are available for treating trauma, and experienced therapists often mix and match cognitive and experiential modalities to meet a patient’s needs. “Choose the therapist over the method, as research repeatedly shows that the therapeutic relationship is the most important factor in any successful therapy,” advises internationally recognized PTSD specialist Babette Rothschild, author of The Body Remembers,Revolutionizing Trauma Treatment and 8 Keys to Safe Trauma Recovery.

Some primary approaches, with links to practitioners, are:
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy works to process the traumatic event and change negative thought patterns connected to it. Usually involving 12 to 20 sessions, it is the most thoroughly studied approach and has been shown to be effective for about half of patients with good, long-term retention of outcomes. Some variations are Cognitive Processing Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy. Find a practitioner at Tinyurl.com/CBTpractitioner.

Prolonged Exposure Therapy helps a patient overcome the fear and anxiety of a trauma by re-experiencing elements of it in a safe environment, using imagination and sometimes virtual reality. It is often used by cognitive therapists.
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) uses sound, motion, touch, even a pencil to direct a client’s eyes back and forth, thus integrating parts of the brain; memories emerge, but without a heavy emotional charge. A key part of Veterans Administration therapy, it is recommended by the World Health Organization. Some studies show that 84 to 90 percent of single-trauma victims no longer have PTSD after three, 90-minute sessions. Find a practitioner at Emdria.org/directory.

Brainspotting is an emerging outgrowth of EMDR that involves helping a client fixate on a location in the eye that pinpoints specific traumatic memories. Research is scant, but suggests it may be as or more effective than EMDR. Find a practitioner at Brainspotting.com/directory.

Somatic Experiencing has a client pendulate between subtle sensations of trauma in the body and safe, peaceful feelings, which allows the trauma to be gently released. Although extensive research remains to be done, more than 120,000 professionals in 30 countries have been formally trained in it. Find a practitioner at Directory.TraumaHealing.org.

Internal Family Systems explores different “parts” of a personality held together by a benevolent core consciousness, which allows those parts damaged and hurt by trauma to express themselves and feel self-compassion. It is recommended by leading trauma theorist Bessel van der Kolk. Find a practitioner at Ifs-institute.com/practitioners.

Emotional Freedom Technique shows a client how to tap certain rhythms related to acupuncture meridians on the face and the rest of the body while actively reframing traumatic memories. In a small study of veterans with PTSD, 86 percent no longer met diagnostic criteria after six, one-hour sessions. Find a practitioner at Members.iceeft.com/member-search.php.

Psychedelics are emerging therapies for PTSD, with psilocybin (magic mushrooms), ketamine and LSD potentially offering deep healing when administered under the supervision of a trained therapist. MDMA is the closest to obtaining U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval: carefully designed Phase 2 and initial Phase 3 clinical trials show two-thirds of PTSD patients shedding debilitating symptoms. For more information, visit Maps.org/mdma.

Trauma-informed Yoga focuses on grounding practices to restore disrupted physical sensations rather than emphasizing poses themselves and has proven helpful for sexual assault victims and veterans. Dozens of teacher certification programs exist, and it can be done virtually at home.

Healing Trauma, Image: motortion/AdobeStock.comHealing Trauma  
Emerging Therapies Offer Fresh Hope  

Refugee children with tear-stained faces, the frail elderly being wheeled away from floods or fires, the sobbing families of gunshot victims—the faces of trauma are seen in every heartbreaking newscast. And the faces are even closer to us than that, walking down the street: a woman that recoils from touch, a child that has withdrawn into himself, a man with incoherent...

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The Healing of the Modern Man, Image: Merpics/AdobeStock.comThe Healing of the Modern Man  
Men Redefine Their Emotional Power   

For generations immemorial, men have been builders of culture, solid providers and inspired adventurers, but gender roles and sometimes-conflicting cultural expectations have taken a heavy toll on both the individual and community. The pervasive “tough guy” paradigm has denied half the human race its...

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