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Fending Off Fibroids, Image: freely/AdobeStock.comFending Off Fibroids  
Natural Approaches Offer Relief  

Optimal reproductive health is key to our vitality, which is why living with uterine fibroids can be debilitating. Studies indicate that as many as 80 percent of American women develop these non-cancerous growths during their childbearing years. Oftentimes, the condition is...

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Buzz-Free Drinking, Image: photo courtesy of Kerry Benson and Diana LicalziBuzz-Free Drinking  
The Healthy Rise of Non-Alcoholic Beverages  

As a former bartender, Katie Cheney enjoys mixing drinks for friends, and one night recently, in her San Francisco apartment, she tried out something new: an alcohol-free “Noquila Sunrise” made with a distilled,...

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Burnout Recovery , Image: fizkes/AdobeStock.comBurnout Recovery   
Ways to Reset and Find Balance   

“I’ll sleep when I die,” Kristina Shea used to joke about her three hours of nightly shut-eye. In retrospect, she says ruefully, “It almost became a reality.” Her hectic life as a...

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The Heart-Mind Connection, Image: wayhome studio/AdobeStock.comThe Heart-Mind Connection  
How Thoughts and Emotions Affect Our Heart Health  

“Does your wife show you her love?” In a study of 10,000 married men, this question turned out to be revelatory. Among men with high levels of anxiety, a whopping 93 percent that answered “No” developed angina-related chest pains within five years—nearly twice the rate of those answering “Yes”...

High Times for the Cannabis Industry, Image: foxyliam/AdobeStock.comHigh Times for the Cannabis Industry  
Emerging Trends with a COVID-19 Caveat  

It’s fair to say that the cannabis industry has arrived. Recreational marijuana has now been approved in 17 states, and 37 have allowed marijuana for medical purposes. “We have CBD!” proclaim store signs selling the buzz-free cannabidiol. In 2020, more than 240,000 people...

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Unleash Your True Potential, Image: alfa27/AdobeStock.comUnleash Your True Potential  
Working with a Life Coach Can Help   

Hiring a life coach can be an empowering decision for people that want to understand themselves better and lead fulfilled lives. Coaches may specialize in distinct topics like business, parenting or weight loss, but...

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Health in the New Year, Image: wayhome studio/AdobeStock.comHealth in the New Year  
10 Top Wellness Trends for 2022  

Every new year marks the convergence of endings and beginnings—an opportunity to assess where we’ve been and anticipate where we’re going. As this dynamic relates to our health, this year promises an intensification in the development and adoption of several trends that have...

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Amp Up Immunity , Image: foxyliam/AdobeStock.comAmp Up Immunity   
Proven Boosters for Good Health  

As we head into the holidays, a gift that many of us wish for is a strong immune system to protect us not only from serious illness, but also from wintry coughs and sniffles. Robust immunity rests on three pillars, research shows...

Healthy Brain Strategies, Image: benjavisa ruangvaree/AdobeStock.comHealthy Brain Strategies  
How to Prevent Cognitive Decline  

A healthy brain performs mental processes known as cognition, which is the acquiring of knowledge and understanding by means of thought, experience and the senses. This includes functions and systems such as memory, learning, language, problem solving, decision making, reasoning and...

Have You Trained Your Brain Today? Neurofeedback for brain health and wellness - Natural Awakenings November 2021Neurofeedback: A Natural Approach for Brain Health and Wellness 
- Neurofeedback is a safe, drugless, noninvasive approach to helping your brain regulate better. While neurofeedback isn’t necessarily a treatment for any condition, a few of the issues we have helped children and adults with include memory...

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