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Making Forever Chemicals Go Away, Image: NorGal/AdobeStock.comMaking Forever Chemicals Go Away  
Manmade Compounds Pose Lasting Threat to Our Health  

Decades ago, environmental groups urged the banning of what are known as forever chemicals, which have been linked to cancer, compromised immune systems and hormonal imbalances, among other health issues. Today, although...

Sustainable Sanctuaries, Image: Алексей Кочев/AdobeStock.comSustainable Sanctuaries  
Supporting Human and Planetary Health at Home  

Nothing underscored the importance of a comfortable and versatile sanctuary quite like the pandemic. Stuck at home isolating, many families reconfigured their living arrangements to...

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Reducing Radiation Risks, Image: NorGal/AdobeStock.comReducing Radiation Risks  
Ways to Lessen electromagnetic Exposure  

We are tied to our devices, continually connected via phones, tablets and computers, but this convenience comes at a cost. Many people are surprised to learn that our...

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Conscious Consumerism, Image: Image courtesy of AshevilleToolLibrary.orgConscious Consumerism  
The Rise of Sharing and Reselling  

Tucked into the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Asheville is a DIY kind of community, attracting artists, musicians, yoginis, homesteaders and other folks looking to live a simpler life. When they garden and undertake home repairs, Ashevillans find it easy to...

The Greening of Packaging, Image: Iryna/AdobeStock.comThe Greening of Packaging  
Cleaning and Personal Care Products Go Eco  

Health-conscious consumers have been purchasing home cleaning and personal care products with nontoxic ingredients for years. Now they’re demanding these products come in environmentally friendly packaging that...

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The Healthy Food Movement, Image: Prostock-studio/AdobeStock.comThe Healthy Food Movement  
Pandemic Trends are Shaping Better Local Food Systems  

Like so much else on the planet, the two-year coronavirus pandemic turned the health food world upside-down. “I found myself thinking real dystopian and wondering if people would be able to survive if grocery stores crumbled,” recalls Diana Mondragón, of Rockford, Illinois. “That scary thought train...

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Pollinator Haven - photo by Sandra YeyatiPollinator Haven  
Create a Toxin-Free Yard for Critical Critters  

Aimée Code has stopped trying to grow roses in her Eugene, Oregon, backyard, where the ground is too muddy for them to flourish. If we stick to plants that do well in our own region, they’ll be less susceptible to...

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Unplugged Adventures , Image: ondreicka/AdobeStock.comUnplugged Adventures   
Eco-Tripping for a Digital Detox  

Smartphones come in handy for emergencies or checking directions while traveling, but a brief glance at a website or social media can quickly turn into a lengthy scroll session, distracting us from why we go on vacation in the first place. For those that want to truly...

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Container gardening offers something for everyone, from beginners to seasoned green thumbs. Growing vegetables, flowers and herbs in pots can be cost-effective, inspiring and tailored for any urban balcony or country patio.The perks of planting in pots include a reduced risk of disease spreading from one crop to another, fewer...

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Why We Need Wild Places, Image: danita delimont/AdobeStock.comWhy We Need Wild Places  
How to Invite Nature Back into Our Lives and Landscapes  

On a blustery day, Julian Hoffman stood outdoors and watched wild bison grazing in the restored grassland of Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie, fewer than 50 miles from downtown Chicago. For him, it was a wild place, affording a glimpse of what North America looked like hundreds of years ago when...

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