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Holiday Parties for Every Diet, Image: Foxys Forest Manufacture/shutterstock.comHoliday Parties for Every Diet  
How to Plan a feast all can enjoy  

Inclusivity and respect are at the heart of a memorable and enjoyable experience around the holiday table. “Nothing can spoil a wonderful holiday faster than when your family or ds are unable to enjoy your delicious food,” says Julie Matthews, a certified nutrition consultant and founder of Nourishing Hope. From allergies to...

Plant-Forward Holidays, Image: Foxys Forest Manufacture/shutterstock.comPlant-Forward Holidays  
Festive Foods Everyone Will Crave   

A plant-forward menu can be one of the best gifts that a host can give this holiday season. It is also more likely than ever that guests will welcome a celebration menu filled with...

The Modern Macrobiotic Diet, Image: Yurumi/ShutterStock.comThe Modern Macrobiotic Diet  
More Than Tofu and Seaweed  

So much has evolved in the 100 years since Japanese educator George Ohsawa created the macrobiotic diet. For one thing, the recipes have become more flexible, empowering people to save time and use ingredients that...

Savor the Present Moment, Image: Asier Romero/ShutterStock.comSavor the Present Moment  
How to Add Mindfulness to Mealtime  

There is a sharp difference between grabbing a fast-food burger at the drive-through and paying full attention to a home-prepared meal. For many of us, busy schedules and harried lifestyles get in the way of a more introspective dining experience. Mindful eating—the practice of...

Food Allergies, Intolerances and Sensitivities, Image: Pixel-Shot/AdobeStock.comFood Allergies, Intolerances and Sensitivities  
Back-to-School Tips for All Ages  

It’s back-to-school season, and for students with food issues, meal planning is as important as lining up classroom supplies and extracurricular schedules. Paramount in their minds is to avoid ingredients that might cause unappealing reactions or compromise health, while not...

Hues of Health, Image: Dwayne Watson/ShutterStock.comHues of Health  
Benefits of a Colorful Diet  

Eating plant-based foods from every hue in the rainbow provides an exceptional array of health benefits. Rich in essential vitamins, minerals and fiber, vibrantly colored fruits and vegetables also contain...

Converting Food to Energy, Image: Ronman/AdobeStock.comConverting Food to Energy  
Learning How Metabolism Works   

Metabolism is the process by which the foods and drinks we consume are converted into energy. We may not notice the cellular mechanisms that transform fat and glucose into the oomph in our step, but when they start to wane, we definitely know...

Taking Control of Our Hormones, Image: Artem Varnitsin/AdobeStock.comTaking Control of Our Hormones  
Nutritional Tips to Support the Delicate Balance   

Think of hormones as the body’s messengers, sending signals that affect a host of functions. Produced by the pancreas, thyroid and other endocrine glands and organs, hormones drive our metabolism, impact mood, regulate blood pressure, manage...

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Sustainable Eating, Image: Look Studio/ShutterStock.comSustainable Eating  
Tips to Shrink Your Foodprint  

Knowing which foods have the least environmental impact is not always easy. Organic blueberries are considered Earth-protective because...

Loving Our Kidneys, Image: Danijela/AdobeStock.comLoving Our Kidneys  
Edible Allies, Integrative Treatments and Lifestyle Tips  

Our kidneys are prodigious multitaskers. Through the production of urine, they filter toxins, excrete waste and balance bodily fluids. They also produce...

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