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Planning Your New Year’s Resolutions
Reconnecting with Yourself and Your Personal Power
by Anahid Derbabian

Planning Your New Year’s Resolutions,

Making New Year’s resolutions truly can be positive and life changing…if we go about them consciously and with self-love!
Many people actually hurt themselves in the process and do not advance forward with their resolutions, as their focus is not on themselves and their deep desires for more.

What We Unknowingly Do
We may tend to focus on our thoughts and the externals in our life, instead of connecting with our authentic self. We make certain resolutions because we think that we should, or others are doing it, or it is the trend, or it may impress others.

This will not move you forward towards creating the life you are meant to live. In fact, it leads to the opposite.

When we focus on our thoughts and the externals, we abandon ourselves. And, in an abandoned state, we view others as large and powerful, and ourself as small and weak.

We Work Against Ourself
This places us at a huge disadvantage in accomplishing anything in our life, and in creating a beautiful, peaceful, and joyful life. You see, we are not accessing our personal power or connecting with who we are and what we deeply desire.

Further, throughout the process, we put pressure on ourselves, force, beat up, and judge ourself. And we wonder why we feel tired, discouraged and helpless.
Also, we go into all-or-nothing thinking, believing the lie that if we do and accomplish the resolution(s), we are a winner… and, if we do not accomplish them, we are a loser.

There Is A Far Better Way
The truth is that none of this is healthy or self-loving, or brings us the life that we desire. In fact, it becomes abusive to self and ineffectual.
So, we believe the lie that we need not go forward as we cannot accomplish our resolutions or create a beautiful life. We simply have gone into patterns of thoughts and behaviors that keep us busy, disconnected and stuck, instead of moving forward in our lives.

There is a far better way of achieving your resolutions.

Release The Patterns
Instead of continuing these patterns, how about reconnecting with yourself and your personal power? Feel your deep desires and envision what life will be like once you have accomplished them.

Further, breathe into the feelings that you will experience as you arrive at your accomplishment. In so doing, you can manifest what you desire!

Release the unhealthy patterns that you developed through the years, including: release your thoughts, your focus on the externals, your pressure and abuse of self as well as your all-or-nothing thinking.

Awaken To What Truly Is A Resolution
Finally, consider that when you make a New Year's Resolution, you can awaken to what truly is a resolution in your life.

When you make a New Year’s Resolution, know that you can:
Create An Intention!
Make Moment-to-Moment Decisions!
Design Your Next Steps!
Connect With Your Determination!
Recognize Your Purpose!
Stay Determined!
Be Resolute!
And, enjoy your journey!

Anahid Derbabian, MA, LPC, NCC, is a Michigan-based Licensed Professional Counselor, coach and healer, who helps people create the life they are meant to live. For more information, contact Anahid at 248-202-0583. Visit her website: www.HelpMeToHeal.com for counseling, coaching and healing. 

Download Anahid's free e-book on 9 Secrets To Take Back Your Power, and Reclaim Your Life! Visit www.AnahidInspires.com.

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