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Olde Thyme Apothecary

Meeting Demand With Ready Supply of Herbs

Natural Awakenings News: Olde Thyme Apothecary
Hillary Howell

Inside Apothecary & Co, in downtown Oxford, there is a small, somewhat unknown herb shop by the name of Olde Thyme Apothecary. When it opened in July 2019, pharmacist and owner Hillary Howell decided it was a good idea to try and solve the problem of delayed arrivals when purchasing herbs through herb companies on the West coast. "

It often took 5-7 days for the herbs to arrive," says Howell. "There are times when a person just cannot wait that long, especially if there is an infection or a need to treat something acute. It was also inconvenient to have to order a larger bulk amount, such as 4 ounces, rather than 1-2 ounces at a time. This was complicated even further this past year with COVID because of shipping delays, staffing shortages at the warehouses as well as the increased demand for wellness supplies."

"Customers are turning to our local herb shop for faster service for traditional herbal remedies,” Howell says. "And our shop’s stock remains available to customers, with online purchases possible through our shop on Etsy."
"Olde Thyme Apothecary provides raw materials, education and carefully crafted products," adds Howell. "We believe in getting back to the fundamentals of your health by using natural and holistic solutions by offering loose herbs, tonics, tinctures, bitters, salves, teas and much more.”

Apothecary & Co / Olde Thyme Apothecare is located at 51 S. Washington St., Ste. D, Oxford. For more information, call 248-572-6404 or visit

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