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Fenton's Holistic Esthetician! Embark on your elevated skin care journey with all-inclusive, fully customized holistic treatments. Seasonally adjusted organic skincare, hand made in MI.

I want to change the way we think about aging and skin care, because it should't be about Anti-Aging, it should be about Pro-Aging. "Anti" connotes negativity, and aging is a natural process that should be celebrated. My treatments honor your natural being, and encourage you to approach your skin care holistically. Our emotions and life experiences are what shape our outward appearance, so I work to release stress and tension that builds in our facial structure over time. I pour my heart and soul into my practice and the time I spend during a treatment reflects that passion. Click to embark on your elevated skin care journey.

Skin care the way Nature intended.

Elina Organics is a holistic, clinical skin care line that is scientifically proven, and hand made in small batches, right here in Kalamazoo, MI. The small batch practice ensures the love, quality and freshness of your skincare. Elina Fedotova established Elina Organics in 1998 with the belief that what we put on our skin should be as safe as the food we eat. Her ingredients are encapsulated in liposomes which allow for the transdermal delivery of important nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, and actives into the deeper layers of the skin. You will not find any synthetic ingredients, preservatives, or filler ingredients, meaning every ingredient has a purpose and benefit to the skin. Elina Organics products are seasonally adjusted ensuringyour skin never becomes stagnant in its response to your routine.

All-Inclusive, Fully Customized Treatments

Every organic facial treatment involves:

  • Cleansing

  • Purification and Exfoliation by Vacuuming or Hydro-Infusion Vacuuming, Enzymes, and Natural Acid Peels

  • Extractions

  • Masking and Nourishment

  • Treatment Serums and Moisturizers

  • Enhancement using Microcurrent, LED, High Frequency, Ultrasonic, Gua Sha, and Specialized Massage Techniques

  • Lymphatic Drainage and Acupressure

  • Herbal Tea Compresses

Receive 10% off of packages of 3 or more treatments!

Contact us for more information: 248-918-9062 or visit our website.

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202 West Shiawassee Avenue, #115, Fenton, Michigan 48430

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