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New Huntington Woods Practice Offers In-Person or Online Sessions

Natural Awakenings News: New Huntington Woods Practice Offers In-Person or Online Sessions

Owners Michele Bierzynski and John Thompson are pleased to announce that Healthy Encounters Wellness Coaching, located in Huntington Woods, is now open for in-person and virtual coaching sessions.

"Doctors often recommend changes to diet, physical activity and/or lifestyle as part of the treatment plan for a health concern but provide little guidance on how to make these changes," explains Bierzynski. "Professional health and wellness coaches fill that gap by forming partnerships with their clients."

“Skilled coaches guide clients to develop and sustain lifestyles that will elevate their health and well-being,” Thompson adds. “They help clients discover self-motivation, leverage strengths, navigate the journey of change and develop resources, such as mindfulness, that they can use to ensure the changes will be permanent. Using incremental behavioral steps, health and wellness coaches assist clients in bridging the gap between who they are and who they want to be."

"Health and wellness coaching is particularly helpful for people seeking to manage chronic conditions, improve nutrition and physical activity, lower and maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels or attain a healthy weight," says Bierzynski. "Finally, expert health and wellness coaches provide a nonjudgmental source of accountability while respecting the pace and the boundaries of the client.”

Healthy Encounters Wellness Coaching is located in the Huntington Professional Building South, 26711 Woodward Ave., Ste. 203, Huntington Woods. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call John Thompson or Michele Bierzynski at 248-792-8210 or visit HealthyEncountersWellnessCoaching.com.


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