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A Book Is Born:

Darla Nagel Releases The Sisterhood of Motherhood

Darla Nagel explores the emotions of surrogacy and family building in her novella, The Sisterhood of Motherhood, now available in ebook format from online booksellers. It’s the second book published by Nagel, an editor/writer for Natural Awakenings of East Michigan.

As the protagonist, Bethany, steps up to be a gestational surrogate for her sister-in-law amid infertility and cancer, she steps beyond her comfort zone. Navigating medical and legal challenges, shifting family dynamics, and doubts about her motives, Bethany’s surrogacy becomes an exercise in resilience, sacrifice, and the unbreakable bonds of sisterhood. The Sisterhood of Motherhood reminds readers of the strength that grows from women supporting women.

Nagel says, “What made me write this book? One, I wanted to show that surrogacy is a solution for infertility but not the perfect solution for every family. Two, I support legalizing surrogacy in Michigan. Three, I’ve been curious about pregnancy and the first stages of life from a young age, and 'giving birth to’ a book rather than a baby is within my abilities and comfort zone.”

The Sisterhood of Motherhood is available from online booksellers. For more information about the book, visit DarlaNagel.com/books.

  • Issue: July 2024


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